Log Line

After discovering they have the genetic ability to travel through time, a group of teenagers are forced to use their power to keep the Doomsday Clock from hitting midnight with help from an immortal and anxiety-ridden peer. 

Pilot Info

Script Type: Television

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, and Thriller

Length: 49 pages

Est. Budget: $750,000 to $1,000,000 


Polchinski is the story of four teenagers, Juniper James, Conor Avery, Paxton Rockwell, Tyler Williams, and one seemingly immortal being, Shannon Hastings, who all have a genetic anomaly which gives them the ability to travel through time. Since this particular genetic abnormality has been around for generations, and past actions directly affect the teens, we follow their parents through brief glimpses into their history as well throughout the first season. Multiple timelines, universes, and versions of themselves play a major role in the resolution of Polchinski


At the beginning, all our main characters are oblivious to their unique power due to their parents hiding this useful bit of information all their lives. Which is why when The Cygnus Delegation, the council that provides stability and order to their group, dating back centuries, shows up to tell them they’re responsible for keeping the world from falling off the proverbial precipice, they push back hard. Even after it’s explained that they’re the only ones who are capable of keeping the not-so-hypothetical Doomsday Clock from hitting midnight, they each cling to their normal lives until they have no choice but to accept their new reality. 

Series Premise

Over the course of ten hours, for the first season, Polchinski pays homage to the sense of urgency in preserving Marty’s origin story in Back to the Future, the eeriness encapsulated in every episode of The Twilight Zone, where nothing is as it seems, and even Katniss Everdeen’s takedown of an entire evil government regime in The Hunger Games franchise. 

Target Audience

Polchinski is aimed at the 16-24 age group. The time travel allows for the thriller aspects to organically occur, making it appealing to both men and women. The adults in the show certainly reveal their age through preferred music and styles naturally folding in another potential audience.