Horizon Hunters
Log Line

When an orphan from a neighboring charter finds his way to Rapid Waters, Texas the members of The Horizon Hunters motorcycle club must learn to adjust to the chaos he leaves in his wake. 

Pilot Info

Script Type: Television

Genre: Drama, Action, and Adventure

Length: 45 pages

Est. Budget: $1,500,000


Horizon Hunters is the tale of a resilient but fractured motorcycle club in Rapid Waters, Texas. We begin with our heroes learning of an attack on a nearby charter by their ​rivals, The Heretics. On the heels of another tragedy, the club must learn to work together to save a recently orphaned, and fully patched, member before it's too late. The first season deals with both generations of the clubhouse simultaneously, as each impacts the storyline of the other, often incorporating dark secrets buried in their history and present day trouble all in one episode.  

Series Premise

In twelve episodes, Horizon Hunters encapsulates the chaos and theatrics often employed by the writers of the hit television show Sons of Anarchy, while drawing inspiration from Riverdale's darker tone, themes, and primarily teenage characters. 

Target Audience

Horizon Hunters would appeal most to the fans of Sons of Anarchy and would range in age from 16 - 35 due to the wide age gap between the first and second generations featured. The romance, drama, and action allow both men and women to equally enjoy its story.