Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Full disclosure. Melissa McKinnon isn't our real name. It's a pseudonym, or pen name, we picked to write under because we're so similar that people have claimed we are, in fact, one person. It started off as a joke, as all good things do, and morphed into the writing duo you see today. 

Both Robin and Niki are in their mid-30s, forever stuck in the 1990s, and fancy themselves professional fandom nerds and shippers. They are also kill your darlings enthusiasts, unapologetic feminists, and never shy away from their fanfiction roots. They specialize in young adult and adult thrillers, occasionally branching out with their screenwriting to include romantic comedies and science fiction. 

Niki is a single mother of three children, ranging in age from eye-rolling teenager to chubby-cheeked first grader. Each are gloriously neurologically atypical (read: dyslexic, ADHD, and autistic) and always keep her on her toes. She's currently in school to be a special education teacher and can usually be found cuddling with her laptop, writing in some quiet corner of the house. 

Robin, however, is a recovering academic with a master's degree in English from Western Michigan University. While she has no children of her own, she regularly dotes over Niki's like the fun and cool aunt she was always destined to be. She is the fluff to Niki's angst, the Rachel Green to her Monica Geller, and the Tina Fey to her Amy Poehler. 

They both are voracious readers, workaholics, and are easily susceptible to becoming obsessed with the newest Netflix, Prime, or Hulu original. Together they form one well-rounded novelist and screenwriter capable of anything (i.e. world domination), depending on their current caffeine intake.